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Edgar: imagine how a dog suffers when he is returned to the shelter

Edgar: imagine how a dog suffers when he is returned to the shelter

In the shelter Edgar is a very gentle dog. He is lovely with people, very gentle and cuddly and very obedient. He sits on command, comes when called and walks well on the leash. As he lived in a home we expect him to be house clean. In the shelter there is noone that he is particularly attached to so we have not observed this protective behavior that his owner mentioned and it is possible he would show it again in a home if he got particularly attached to one person. But it seems like an issue that can be worked on and certain behaviors can be avoided with the right education that he obviously did not get.

Shakira: very scared dog

Shakira: very scared dog

Shakira is a very scared dog. It would be a miracle if she found a home – it would have to be someone patient, experienced, a home with a safe garden and with other social dogs. Most probably she will live for the rest of her life in the shelter but we have to ensure she is regularly vaccinated and dewormed, she never lacks food and she has veterinary assistance when needed. Monthly sponsoring helps – so maybe someone can sponsor her with a monthly donation?


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