Name: Chrissie

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: ~January 2020

Size: big (33kg, 50cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:

Chrissie was abandoned at then gate of the shelter overnight with her 8 newborn puppies, all in one crate. Poor dog was so stressed. She just had babies, probably a few hours before and someone dumped her in a strange place when she was emotionally vulnerable. She was scared and she wanted to protect her puppies. She showed us her teeth on the first day. But a few days later she already understood that we cared for her and her puppies and that noone would hurt her and she started to wag her tail and ask for cuddles.

Chrissie resulted to be a big cuddly teddybear, very nice and gentle with people and equally friendly with other dogs. She is just a happy friendly big girl. She walks well on the leash.