Name: Darling

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: April 2020

Size: medium-big (25kg, 60cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:

Darling was brought to us in 2021 together with his mum Dora from a municipal pound. He has never had a home, all he knew was 4 walls of his cell in a municipal pound. He was quickly adopted but unfortunately returned after 2 years because apparently he has not adapted to a life in the city.

In fact what we see is a calm and balanced dog but the shelter is in a more rural environment so it is possible that in the city he is more stressed. He might not like walking on busy streets, with lots of people passing back and forth and the noise of the car traffic. We were also told he did not like to go to a cafe with his ex-owner, he barked at passing dogs and strangers. Of course, there is no obligation to take your dog to a cafe but she wanted… On the other hand, the ex-owner confirmed that Darling is able to stay alone at home, even for a few hours and he does not bark or cry and he does not destroy anything. He is house-clean. If you ask him, he preferred to stay at home than going to a cafe.

Darling, as we see him in the shelter, is very sweet with people, even strangers, and he enjoys cuddles and attention. He is also social with other dogs. However, the behaviour of a dog towards other dogs depends if he is on the leash or off the leash, on the leash dogs tend to be more reactive. It is natural.

Anyway….after 2 years in a home it is not easy for a dog to return to the shelter and Darling seems a bit lost and confused… He deserves better. He deserves a loving forever home.