Name: Horta

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: ~January 2021

Size: medium (18kg, 45cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:

Horta appeared near the shelter. People could see him, he was visibly wounded, but he was very scared of people and he was running away. At some point some people managed to corner him and caught him.

We found out the story… so he was an abandoned dog, roaming around, hungry. He was trying to find food and some people were complaining he was entering the farms and dug holes. So what did they do? They shot the dog! Horta when he was found has many bullets lodged in his flesh on the left side and serious gangrene. A bit longer and he would have died of an evolving bacterial infection.

He was taken to the vet where the treatment was long but fortunately successful. Then he was brought to the shelter. And there he is. He is very scared of people. He is even scared to look at them. At the beginning he was just covering when we touched him. Now he seems to accept touch, he starts to like cuddling. He is a bit less scared now but there is still a long way in front of him. On the other hand he is extremely gentle. Even when scared he never tried to snap or bite. He is just very very gentle.

Horta is social with other dogs. Quite submissive, he does not like crowds, he tries to pass unnoticed but a friendly and social dog can give him an example to follow.

He walks well on the leash. He is a natural. This is why we think that some time in the past he must have had a home. Such a shame. So heart breaking. The spirit of this dog destroyed by human cruelty. Hopefully there is someone there who would like to take him home and teach him to trust again.