Name: Digby

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: June 2014

Size: small (6.6kg, 35cm)

Breed: x Poodle

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:

Digby appeared on the road near the shelter. He had a chip. He was not from close by so it was strange, how he appeared near the shelter…. The staff tried to contact the owner but she never picked up. They tried from different numbers. But by coincidence, on the basis of her address they identified someone who lived close and actually knew her. So when this person called, she picked. Coincidence? First she said, she knew nothing about the dog, it was her brother´s dog, she did not know how he was registered on her name… But people in the area used to see her on the street with that dog… why lie so much? Finally she came to the shelter and signed the chip papers so the dog could be owned by the shelter.

Poor Digby has no idea about this mess, but he knows he has been abandoned. He feels that sleeping in a kennel is not the same as sleeping at home. But still…. he is an extremely gentle dog, very friendly, sweet and cuddly. Human oriented, he loves attention. He is also friendly with other dogs.

He walks well on the leash and he is used to living in a home.

Digby was also very neglected as you can see on some of the the photos, his fur was overgrown, matted and dirty. Moreover, his teeth were very bad and some beyond salvation…

He has been shaved since and 14 teeth were removed but he feels better now.