Name: Abby

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: ~2013

Size: big (37kg, 60cm)

Breed: x Labrador

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:

Abby was found on the street in August 2022 with a big tumor on her leg. It was like a ball of at least a kilo. And herself, she was skinny like a skeleton. Amazing how many people saw the dog on the street for weeks and just pretended not to see. From what we know Abby was wandering the streets for weeks. And she was not running away from people, she is a big cuddly bear so she was asking for help. But she is just a dog.

Finally someone talked to the police and they said to bring her to the Cantinho. Funny they did not suggest the municipal pound of the area. This should be the pound´s responsibility, shouldn´t it? This is where the money from the municipality goes. But we all know that sick dogs are not treated in the pounds, they just let them die.

Abby was brought to us, the tumor was operated and she has recovered.

We also disvcovered she had heartworm, this was also treated, she is all clear now.

She put on weight 10 kg. She is beautiful.

Abby is a big cuddly teddybear. She loves people attention and she could be cuddled without the end. She is social with other dogs. She walks well on the leash. No doubt Abby had a home, she is not a dog coming from the street. Most probably her owners threw her out when the tumor started to grow. Poor Abby, she deserves better. She has lots of love to give.