Name: Chico

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: ~January 2016

Size: small (8kg, 40cm)

Breed: French bulldog

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

Story, Personality, Others:

Chico was found on the street. People were saying he had an owner, a foreigner, who one day was gone and left the dog on the street. Indeed Chico had a chip which was Hungarian but not registered anywhere.

Chico has mobility issues. French bulldogs are prone to all kind of diseases and spine deformations is one of them. So this is what he has. He is still an active dog and he is eager to move so if you look at the movies below you can see he is happy to walk around. He is wobbly on his back legs but he walks. He wants to see the world.

We had him at the physiotherapy vet centre where he did a month of various treatments including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, laser therapy and he is better than he was, he can actually stand on his back legs but he probably won´t get better than that. You can see the first movie below which is the most current one.

He is now taking supplements: Evexia – a supplement for nervous system and Flexadin – a supplement for joints and bones. He also seems to have sensitive stomach so special food for that is recommended. He likes to walk but he should be walking on grass or sand to make his legs exercise better, not on the pavement or floors – this is why we are looking for him for a home with a garden, not an appartment.

He is very gentle and he loves people. He loves cuddling and toys. He is obviously used to living in a home. Before walks, he will sit sweetly waiting to get his harness put on. Cars are no problem at all, he is used to going by car. He can be left alone and will sleep soundly while you are out.

He would make an excellent companion. We hope there is someone out there that can receive the love Chico has to give and care for him like he needs.