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Name: Monty

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: September 2017

Size: big (39kg, 60cm)

Breed: x Rafeiro alentejano

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:

Monty´s owner died. Monty was left alone in the house but the heirs wanted to take over the house and did not want the dog. So they brought him to the shelter. Poor dog is quite skinny for his size so it seems they were trying to see if he would die of hunger, like this it would be less trouble. They did not manage to kill him so they dumped him in the shelter.

Monty is extremely gentle. He deserved better. Wonder what his owner would think if he knew that the heirs are happily taking over everything, house with a big garden but sending this wonderful dog to a non existence….

A dog like Monty does not usually find a home because of his size. But in fact he is much gentler, calmer and simply easier to handle that many small dogs that we know. He is sweet, obedient, calm temperament and just gentle gentle gentle… He gets along with all dogs. He does not pay attention to cats. He walks well on the leash.