Name: Yoho

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: mid-2017

Size: medium (11kg, 40cm)

Breed: x French bulldog

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:

Yoho spent all his life on the chain, unloved, until his owner did not want him anymore.

Yoho deserves better… He is very sweet and gentle. He likes to be cuddled and he loves getting attention. He wags his tail when he sees us. He is also very friendly with other dogs. He likes to play and he loves balls. He walks on the leash.

Yoho has a twisted front leg. He has probably suffered some kind of a trauma when he was a puppy which affected the growth of the leg. Out of the two bones on his front leg radius did not grow and ulna grew into an arc which made the leg look like it looks now. He is used to it, he is not in pain and he can walk although not very fast. We have an Xrays and a medical report to explain the situation. It is recommended he is given supplements and Librela once a month. It has been too many years like this so the operation is not possible. But just look at the movies. He runs as if he had nothing. He is completely at ease. This dog leads a normal life.

Yoho deserves…… the majority of people want young dogs and ask us for all kinds of health lifetime guarantees to the point it is unreasonable. But we hope that somewhere over there, there is a person for Yoho. Someone who does not want a pedigree puppy for free but an older slightly handicapped dog to change his life.