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Names: Babka, Bonita (F) and Bacon, Baker, Bimbo, Bowie, Briggs, Burger (M)

Gender: 2F and 6M

Age: d-o-b: 1 June 2022

Size: will be medium

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

Story, Personality, Others:

The puppies were found on the street, kept for 2 weeks in a municipal kennel without any care and send to us when they were already sick: respiratory infections, diahorrea, running nose, sneezing, internal parasites, you name it. They are now cared for, they got intestinal food, medication and some of them are very well already, some are still on the road to recovery. But we expect all of them to blossom.

They are gentle puppies, a bit shy but they just need time and love.