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Name: Simba Sissi

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: ~2013

Size: small-medium (11kg, 40cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:

In January 2022 little Simba was found on the road with two legs broken, one front leg and one back leg. She was taken to a local municipal pound where her situation only worsened as she was left for 4 weeks unattended with two open fractures. In her state she required immediate assistance but she was just put in a cage and left. After 4 weeks we have managed to save her and she was taken to the vet. Her situation was very serious and it seemed that she would loose both legs. If that happened, she would have no quality of life, she could not walk on two legs. She would have to be euthanised. The goal was to save at least one leg… On three she could already walk.

She had two operations. The front leg was fixed with external wires so the bone could grow. Those wires were removed 4 weeks later. Into the back leg a metal plate was put in order to keep the bone together. The progress was slow. But 5 months later we can say that Simba made it. Both legs are safe, she walks comfortable, she even runs and jumps and nothing aches her.

Given her fragile state she was taken to a temporary home where she is until now. She resulted to be an extremely sweet and loving dog, very attachable to people. She is completely comfortable living in a home, she is house clean, she used to regular walks on the streets on the leash, she sits on command, she is comfortable in the car. With other dogs she is just brilliant, very gentle, friendly and even playful.

She has suffered so much and she was so brave – she pulled it through. She deserves now to have a home of her own.