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Name: Zoe

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: 28 January 2019

Size: medium (17kg, 50cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:

Zoe was found on the street. But then the story unraveled. She belonged to a girl who came to Portugal for Erasmus exchange at the university, she got herself a dog but when she went back to her home country she left Zoe on the street. Zoe was picked up by a municipal pound who tried to get in touch with the ex-owner but she did not reply the attempts of contact.

Zoe is a lovely dog who deserved better than being treated like a piece of garbage by an immature spoiled girl. She is a lovely dog, very gentle, very human oriented. She is cuddly and affectionate. She is also friendly with other dogs, all of them really. She walks well on the leash. From what we know she is used to living in a home.

Zoe is friendly with cats.