Name: Buda

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b June 2006

Size: big (35kg, 60cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:
Buda has lived all his life on the chain. 16 years. Since a puppy. He has never been loose.

There is an organisation that wants to helps such dogs. They contact the owners who keep dogs on the chain and offer to build kennels so at least the dog would not have to drag this heavy weight on his neck. They come, build a kennel, the owners of the dog don´t have to pay anything, they just have to release the dog from the chain and let him live in the kennel.

This is what they did for Buda. They built a kennel and after 16 years the dog was finally free, even if in a confined space. Only that he was so happy that he could finally reach his owner and touch her that when she was coming to his kennel to put water and food he was jumping at her. Whatever monster she was, she was his owner and he loved her. So he enthusiastically jumped at her and made her fall a number of time. So what did she do? She put him on the chain again. This time on a chain inside the kennel, shorter than before. So he could not reach her.

Poor dog…. she did not deserve his love. Then he got sick. His intestines were clogged with all the garbage she was feeding him. He got leftovers, bones, stones, whatever. He got sick. He needed to go to the vet to have his intestines relieved. This is finally when she decided to surrender him. So she would not have to pay anything at the vet.

He recovered. He came to the shelter and he is free. He can roam like he cannot believe it.

He was very skinny when he was brought to us as no dog can survive on bones! But since he came he has put on weight, it is great to see. And his fur became shiny. He has a will to live and even if he is 16, he is not going anywhere yet. He discovered that there is life he can still enjoy. He can walk and there nothing on his neck.

Buda is lovely with people. He would have a reason not to be after being kept for 16 years on a chain by a heartless monster but he is not vindictive, he loves people.

He is social with other dogs. At the beginning it did not go so well with male dogs as he never lived with any and he was not friendly but after a few weeks he stopped caring. He is placid with all of them now.

He walks well on the leash.