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Name: Linda Raquel

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b January 2015

Size: small (6kg, 40cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:
In March 2021 someone found newborn puppies in a bag in a garbage bin. The puppies were just hours old and one was dead already. The person brought to the puppies to the police who immediately went to the area to ask people if they knew about any neighbour who had a dog that was pregnant. Someone pointed to a house, just round the corner from the garbage bin where the puppies were found and indeed, the police went there and the man admitted that his dog had puppies.

The police removed the dog, and the puppies were reunited with their mum in the shelter where they were all placed. Like this the puppies survived and later got adopted. The mum stayed in the shelter. A court case was initiated by the prosecutor against the owner of Linda for mistreatment according to the laws which are supposed to protect pets against the cruelty of their owners. For 8 months nothing was heard. We often asked, can we rehome Linda? So many people asked about her. We asked if we can place her in a temporary home, so at least she would have more comfort than being in the shelter. No permission for either was granted, not to rehome her, not even to put her in a temporary home. 8 months!

Finally after 8 months the court gave its judgement: there was not enough proof of neglect or cruelty. The man only threw hours old puppies to the garbage bin and one puppy died but this was obviously not a proof of cruelty. The owner was informed that he was allowed to pick up Linda from the shelter and he did not have even to pay any fine, nothing, the abandonment of puppies went unpunished.

The owner did not come to pick up Linda. Various attempts were made by the shelter to contact him. He also received the court judgement in an official way but he never came to pick her up. For another 4 months the shelter was asking the authorities what can be done. If she can be rehomed, given he showed no intention to retrieve her. Another 4 months of silence… and finally a decision was issue that Linda belonged to the shelter and could be rehomed.

A whole year for the dog spent in the shelter when she could have lived in a home. If this is not miscarriage of justice, then tell me what is.

Another question was asked to the authorities. Who will pay the cost of Linda´s staying in the shelter for a year? Food, vaccinations, sterilisation, deworming? This question was asked repeatedly and always ignored. The authorities place dogs in private shelters when they removed them from their homes but they have not intention of paying any costs related to it. This is not the only case like this.

So finally Linda can find a home of her own. She deserves. But Linda is not a dog for everyone. When she knows someone and trust, you can do anything to her. You can lift her, walk with her on the lao, squeeze and hug her, she is all yours. But with strangers she is vary. She does not like to be cuddled by strangers. She backs. She has a right not to the trust from the first moment, does not she? She is also quite protective of food against other dogs. She will not still others´ food but when she eats she does not like anyone stealing from her bowl. But this is easy to solve. If someone has more dogs they can feed them separately.

Linda walks well on the leash. She used to live in a home so we expect her to be house clean.

The last explanation is required for her name. When she was brought to the shelter she was named Linda. But then we found out that her original name was Raquel. So this is why Linda Raquel.