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Name: Rafa

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: ~ 2017

Size: medium-big (20kg, 50cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:

Rafa was surrendered to the shelter by his owner (who surrendered all three of his dogs) because he moved and he did not take his dogs with. The story we heard dozens of times, the dogs are never a priority and dumping them in the shelter is easier than looking for solutions.

Rafa is very sweet, gentle, human oriented but also social with other dogs. In fact he is very submissive. He used to live with two other male dogs and he was probably bullied by them as he has marks of bites on his face but still, he is very forgiving and friendly with all dogs, males and females.

He walks well on the leash and he is used to living in a home. He deserves better.