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Name: Xena

Gender: F

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: d-o-b: January 2018

Size: big (25kg, 55cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:

Xena was brought to us from a municipal pound where her ex-owner left her behind.

Xena is a super friendly dog. She loves people. She enjoys attention. But she is also super friendly with other dogs, all sizes, even the small ones. Only she does not like cats.

Xena is very active and agile. She loves to run around the shelter, she is an active dog. She is very agile, she can jump a high fence and we have seen her jumping through the window to our pharmacy. She does it all to be with people. If she sees someone she likes she will jump whatever to join her friend.

Xena walks well on the leash and is used to living in a home.

Given how active she is, she needs to live in a house with a garden, not an apartment. A company of another dog would be a bonus as she is very social.