Name: Wyatt

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: ~2010

Size: big (36kg, 55cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Wyatt was surrendered by his owners.
His owners, who were actually famous people, related to an iconic Portuguese music group, got divorced and in the process of life changes forgot about their dogs. In January 2020 social media were full of photos of dogs abandoned to their own devices, in a yard, in unhygienic conditions and very skinny as if the food were not sufficient. The police got involved upon a complaint from a local charity and soon enough two oldest dogs were surrendered to the shelter (not known where the other dogs went). The dogs were not vaccinated and very skinny. The owners explained that the dogs were old and did not have appetite, this is why they were skinny, not because of lack of food.
This can be actually contradicted by the condition of one of the dogs, a whole year later in the shelter. He loves food, he perked up, he weighs 10kg more than when he came. Appetite he has in abundance.
Unfortunately the other old dog was very sick, he had leishmaniose that should have been treated ages ago, even at great expense of the shelter the help came too late and he died.
Wyatt is extremely gentle. He is such a great dog. It is so sad that the love of his owners was not sufficient until the end of his life and that he will have to spend the last years of his life in the shelter.
He is sweet and gentle. He loves attention and cuddling. He is good with other dogs, males and females, all ages and sizes. What he loves the most is to lie down in the sun and relax. But he also likes to walk and explore, at least once a day he will make a round of the shelter.
One of his back legs is bad, he usually keeps it in the air when he walks and the muscle is not used. We had an Xray done and there is nothing broken, just arthrosis that also could have been prevented or at least slowed down long time ago with the right alimentation and supplements but now the process is irreversible. We can make him more comfortable with food supplements with Omega3 but nothing more. He does not seem uncomfortable about it at least.

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