Names: Ganda

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: January 2020

Size: big (30kg, 55cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:
Ganda was brought to us by someone who found her on the road and saw her being hit by a car (the driver sped off). Fortunately nothing was broken and Ganda was unharmed. She was brought to the shelter.
Ganda is a sweetie. A big cuddly teddy bear that just wants cuddles and attention. At the same time she is quite nervous and insecure, she needs time to gain confidence. She is very submissive, when we approach or when she is surrounded by other dogs she immediately lies down or crawls. Not a bad bone in her body but she needs to feel safe to show how lovely she is. Watch the movies to understand.
In a home she would blossom. But she would not be happy living in a city, it would be the best a house with a garden in a calm area. 

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