Names: Gary

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: 2015

Size: big (30kg, 55cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:
There was a place that accumulated dogs. It was in Santo Tirso, northern part of Portugal. They called themselves a shelter but basically they were a deposit accumulating dogs and keeping them in terrible conditions. Somewhere in the middle of the forest, dogs chained to trees, dogs kept in small but overcrowded cages. Dogs starved. Over 200 dogs. There were many complaints against this place to the authorities who chose to turn blind eye. It has been going on for years. In 2018 there was an article in a national newspaper about this place calling for measures. Nothing happened.
In July 2020 there was a fire in that “shelter”. The firemen arrived to help but the owner of the shelter did not let them as she said it was her property and she did not allow. Police arrived and confirmed that the woman had a right not to let people into her property. Dogs burnt. People arrived to help trying to storm to the “shelter” to save the dogs but the police prevent them from entering. People saw dogs burning and dying. Over 70 dogs died. The rest was left seriously injured. Only after the fire the woman abandoned the property and the dogs, only then the volunteers were allowed to treat them. The dogs were taken to vets and distributed to the shelters all over the country.
Nothing happened to the owner of the place who let the dogs burn nor to the authorities who turned blind eye for years nor the enforcement forces who did not allow the rescue of dying dogs.
A few months later the whole story is hushed up and noone remembers it.
A few months later we have Gary and other shelters have other dogs that survived the fire but noone is coming to adopt them, people just say “poor dogs” and then go to the breeder to get themselves a pedigree puppy.

Gary is a suffered dog. He is gentle and calm but he becomes alert when we pet him. He does not know what petting is. He is never experienced any kindness.
Gary was burnt and wounded and spent a few weeks at the vet when he was treated. He accepted injections, wound cleaning, wound dressing. He never protested.
Gary gets along with other dogs and in the clinic he was even friends with a cat. He walks well on the leash.

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