Name: Pepsi

Gender: F

Breed: x German shepherd

Age: d-o-b: April 2011

Size: big (25kg, 55cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

Two years ago Pepsi was found on the street. The person that found her thought she was doing the right thing by going to the police.
It was discovered that Pepsi had a chip. The chip was registered on the name of a person but this person could not be found anymore, she did not live under the address indicated and her telephone was disconnected.
Nevertheless the police initiated a court case for abandonment of the dog.
The person that found Pepsi brought her to the shelter but we were informed that we were not allowed to give her for adoption until the court case has been concluded. It was indicated that it could take up to a year. Why do you need a year to come to a conclusion that the person disappeared…. ?
We waited patiently for one year. As did Pepsi, day by day in the shelter, day by day seeing other dogs finding new homes while she was not allowed.
One year passed and we got impatient. The person that found her on the street sent numerous letters to the court asking for a progress and if Pepsi could be given for adoption. None of those letters was answered. She visited the court many times but no one could give her any answer apart from that she had to wait (and informally that the files were laying on the same shelf).
Two years passed. After two years the justice system finally came to the conclusion that the ex owner of Pepsi could not be identified and Pepsi could be given for adoption.
Two years. Two years during which the justice system did a great injustice for Pepsi. Let’s be honest: the procedures created to counteract abandonment and mistreatment of pets were not created with a pet welfare in mind. On the contrary, the statistics have to look good, but the welfare of animals is of no importance. Nowhere in those statistics the proceedings in course are translated into a dog stuck for two years in a kennel. Noone knows that. But it has to be said.
Two years is a lot from the life of a dog. Their lives are not so long. Pepsi lost two years. It is a lot. She is an older dog now. A dog of the age that has difficulty finding a home. Maybe now she will spend the rest of her life in the shelter after all.
It is revolting. How worthless is the life of a dog in the eyes of those that should have some empathy.

Pepsi is a lovely dog. She deserves much better. She is gentle, friendly and obedient. She loves people. She is super friendly with other dogs. She is good on the leash. This is so unfair.

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