Name: Susie

Gender: F

Age: d-o-b: ~June 2018

Size: small (8kg, 35cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised


Susie was found on the street. When she arrived at the shelter, she became very shy and reserved. She was hidden in a corner, afraid of everything and everyone. The stress of the shelter life was just too much for her, and so we placed in a temporary family, where she began to blossom. Only 5 minutes after leaving she was already a different dog! She was happy, jumping and yapping, ecstatic to have left the shelter. Then, she gradually adapted to her temporary family. Despite being a little shy, she turned out to be a very sensitive and sweet girl who just wanted a family to love and give her love.
She is now perfectly adapted and has learned to:
– Curl up on the couch with the humans, preferably under a blanket;
– Go out on walks – She has a medium energy level.
She is quick to do her business outside, but she also enjoys long walks. She learned to sit at the door and stay calm before going outside;
– Living inside – She is house clean;
– Walk on the leash – She is still a bit afraid of putting on the harness and leash, but nothing significant. She is also good off-leash once you have established a bond with her;
– Gets along with dogs – Even dogs that are much bigger than her;
– Get very attached to her humans but has overcome separation anxiety – Now, when the humans leave she just jumps on the couch and sleeps until they come back;
– Swim – She loves it!
– Tolerates cats, though she wants to boss them around sometimes;
– Exhibit the cutest butt-wiggle in western Europe!
She is looking for a calm, patient family without children, in need of some doggy dedication. If Susie had a song, it would be “Somebody to love”, by Queen. Would somebody fall in love with our little (8 Kg) princess?”

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