Name: Maya

Gender: F

Breed: x German shorthair pointer

Age: d-o-b: March 2015

Size: medium-big (25kg, 50cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Maya was found on the street, with her puppies. They were taken to a municipal kennel and puppies found homes quickly. Not Maya. She was there for nearly a year. In the meantime she was sterilised, which is not very common for municipal kennels, but if things are not done properly better not to do them at all.
When we got Maya from that municipal kennel she had her breasts full of milk (and no one noticed before she was sent to us!) which made us think she was pregnant. Indeed, when she was operated, pieces of ovaries were found so she was not properly sterilised the first time… The ovaries were the cause of her entering into psychological pregnancy, hence the milk… Well… she had to be operated again and she is properly neutered now.

She resulted to be a lovely dog, very pleased to be inside the house, easily attached to people, really cuddly and especially sweet with children, good on the leash and friendly with other dogs. But on the other hand, Maya does not like to stay alone at home, she destroys things and she can jump a high fence if left alone in the garden. She is also a born hunter, she passes days chasing mice, rabbits and birds, so no off leash walking for her.

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