Names: Conny, Che, Calinda, Cara, Carlo, Chaly, Caya, Ciana, Carlota and Cyril

Gender: 3M and 8F

Age: d-o-b: 1 June 2018

Size: medium and big

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, all neutered

Long story…. Packs of dogs living on the streets, no one is doing anything. People see them every day. Authorities don’t have a plan. More and more dogs as they reproduce.
One example. In Coina someone identified 18 dogs in a degradated zone behind the train station. Adults and puppies. They live next to road, starve, have puppies, puppies have puppies. Last time there were 6 adults and 12 puppies. If you leave them there, there will be more puppies in half a year. But no one is doing anything. It is no one’s obligation really…. very few people care.
One person wanted to do something. She asked for help to Cantinho da Milu. An overcrowded shelter. But what is the other solution? Leaving those dogs on the street? Soon there will be 58 dogs not 18. They have to be brought to safety.
So they were. Scared dogs, afraid of people, puppies born on the street, also afraid of everything. Dogs that no one will adopt. Dogs that will leave in the shelter forever. They might even be well there, spacious kennel and food every day but also a substantial monthly cost on the shelter that does not get any subsidies – like all private shelters in Portugal.
18 dogs to vaccinate annually, 18 dogs to neuter, 18 dogs to feed. To treat if any of them is sick.
By now all puppies were brought to the shelter, one stayed in a temporary home and one was miraculously rehomed. They are puppies big now. They were all neutered. They are quite shy although very gentle. But they already made a progress. They wag their tails when we enter the kennel. Some approach, some keep distance. Some already know how to walk on the leash. If they were adopted, they would gain confidence in a home. If they stay in the shelter, they will grow, they will become even more shy and they will never find a home. Shelter means lots of dogs and little human contact. They will become even more vary of people.

Please contact us if you would like to monthly sponsor one of them.

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