Name: Jock

Gender: M

Breed: x labrador

Age: d-o-b: beg-2015

Size: big (35kg, 55cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:
Jock and his brother Jack where left behind by their owners – actually they did not even bring them to the shelter, they have moved house and they left the dogs by themselves in the property they vacated and they only indicated where the dogs could be found and collected.
The responsible person from the shelter went there and it was difficult – the dogs were scared and not used to human contact, they did not want to approach, they did not accept to have the leash put on. Finally, after an hour of trying – success: they accepted the leash and they were put in the car and driven to the shelter. They were calm in the car.
We have never heard from their ex owners again. The dogs had no chip, no register and no vaccinations.
It took them a few months to overcome their fears but with hard work from the socialization team, they have become balanced and friendly dogs! Now they walk well on the leash, they are used to human contact and attention and they love cuddles. They are gentle and friendly.
They don’t have to be adopted together.

Jock is a tender, affectionate big boy that gets incredibly happy when we take him for a walk. Jock is 4 years old, but only recently (since coming to the shelter) he learnt to love cuddles, walk on the leash and create a bond with humans. He is lovely with people and gets along with other dogs, males and females, but is very strong.
He is not used to live inside a home, so we look for him a place with a garden where he can live until learning to enjoy the comfort of a house.

Jock is getting blind due to an ulcerative keratosis – an eye infection. Although chronical, this pathology can be controlled, and he can see well with a daily treatment that will probably last for all his life: twice a day, eye drops and ointment in his eyes. He accepts the treatment very well, so this is an easy task. After a week of treatment, we could already see some positive results.
Estimated cost of the treatment 80 euros/month.
We would love to see him in a forever family, but we thank any contribution that can support his therapy, like sponsoring and donations.

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