Name: Pirata

Gender: M

Age: d-o-b: 2008

Size: big (54kg, 55cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

Story, Personality, Others:
Pirata lived on the street for many years. He was not born on the street, he must have had a home one day but he was abandoned. And then he stayed put where people were giving him food. And probably not enough food as he was skinny and when we checked later on – seriously anemic. Life on the street is dangerous, the dog is not protected and all kind of bad things can happen to him. So as poor Pirata never got any protection against parasites, he got infected by tick fever, heart worm and leishmaniose.
And he had a bad leg. He was limping on his front leg and when an Xray was done we could see he has been shot many times there.
When he came to us, he was on his last legs. Very sick, anemic and depressed. It seemed he had no will to live. He spent his days laying hidden in a dog house. The leg was so bad that we thought it should be amputated but it did not make sense to put him through that as we thought with all other diseases he had, he would not survive ore than 2-3 months. The idea was to give him the last months of safety and kindness and food and help him die in peace.
But we treated one by one, tick fever, heartworm and leishmaniose. And he pulled through! The initial treatment for leishmaniose was finished as the last step and now he only take two pills of Alopurinol per day.. For a whole year he ate special renal food and got special food supplements so his liver would reach normal values and it did! And the damaged front leg got sufficiently better for him to use it. It is all twisted but he can walk, he uses it as a support and he is not in pain.
And mentally – what a change! He was so afraid of everything when he came but now he grew in confidence and he loves people. He was so depressed and now he wags his tail whenever we enter the kennel.
He gets along with all other dogs but his best friend is Jack, the dog that lived with him on the street and came back with him to us. The two are inseparable.
It is unthinkable he would ever find a home but if he did, that would be a miracle. If he did not, he is still in the best place he has ever been, his life before must have been horrible.

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