Those 4 dogs lived all their life in a cement cell with only one small window that gave very little light. They were a property of an old guy who thought that this is how someone should keep the dogs. He never wanted to give them away, for him, they were fine. He was one of those people that never realized that dogs have feelings too.
When the guy went to live in a home, the dogs were “free” so they were brought to the shelter. Their life changed for the better – they have a big space, they can be outside as much time as they want and they can sleep in a spacious wooden house.
But they are very traumatised dogs. They spent their lifetime being neglected and abused. They are very scared of people and they will probably never learn to trust. They are gentle though. They can be caught, albeit with difficulty, but they accept to be treated and vaccinated and they are not aggressive. Just very scared.

A home is always better than a shelter. But for those four…. only a very special home. But at least we can give them some quality of life in the shelter and they will not be hungry.

We call them “The dogs of the old guy”. Although we also gave them names: Vigia, Veloz, Valente and Vivaz. There are two males and two females.

Vigia died in May 2019.

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