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King and Lord:

A former breeder of serra de estrela dogs in the north of Portugal had over 30 dogs of that breed that he kept in horrible conditions. The only thing that the dogs were doing was breeding. The females had litter at every heat.
The dogs lived in shed and containers without windows and were let out only once a day for around an hour. They had no human contact apart from the “breeder” who beat them up with a stick to go back to the containers after the “walk”. They ate whatever but we also suspected they ate bodies of those that died. They have never seen a vet, never been vaccinated, never dewormed.

We participated in a rescue of those dogs. The man agreed to give away some of them, unfortunately not all. We welcomed in the shelter Cantinho da Milu five dogs. They were King, Bela, Conde, Lord and Sissi. They are very shy although two of them already lick our hands. But they will need a long rehabilitation period to become more social. They are making a progress though.

Since they arrived to the Cantinho (July 2014) they have all been vaccinated, dewormed internally and got Scalibor collars. Blood tests were done and they are all healthy. All of them were sterilized.

On the pictures below you see first how they lived and you can see pictures of the 5 dogs in their miserable state that just arrived to us. Saving them from this hell hole was a real rescue. Then you can see some new pictures in the shelter. And you can see the pictures of the new house that was built for them thanks to generous donations.

Sissi has already been adopted.
Bella had a cancer and died. Conde also died.

Lord and King are still with us. They are now old dogs…

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