Name: Piranhas (Butchy, Rizzo, Gus, Mike, Milo, Geni and Lilly)

Gender: five males and two females

Age: d-o-b: beg-2012

Size: medium

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, females sterilised

Story, Personality, Others:
These dogs were born in a home of someone who should never have dogs. When the puppies were born, he put them in a cage and they stayed in that cage for 1 year. They grew so the cage was too small for 8 of them, yes, they were 8 at the time. They could hardly move. They actually did not have place to grow this is why two of them have the back legs deformed, they could not even stretch them. And the cage was in a corner of a shed, always dark, this is probably why one of them is blind. They were fed whatever in that cage, they pooed and peed inside. After one year of this horror the owner agreed to give them away to the shelter.
That was their first time outside. They were so scared. They were put into a big kennel, a place they could run and stretch their legs. The dog house in this kennel is bigger than their former cage. Each of them has a plastic bed. Not a luxury, it is a shelter after all, but for them a real change of life.
But one year has passed and they are still very scared. They actually bark terribly when you are outside of their kennel and they try to snap at people through the bars, this is why we call them “Piranhas” but this is ironic because as soon as you enter their kennel, they are so scared. They run away, they hide. They would never bite anyone.
There are seven of them now.
One female found a lovely home where she gained confidence.
But the others – they are so scared. They never had a human contact since they were born, they lived their puppyhood in a cage in a dark corner, they will never be normal dogs. Maybe one day a special home appears or maybe not. It is more than possible that they will spend the rest of their lives in the shelter. But at least we have to make this life comfortable. Good food, vaccinations, protection against parasites, veterinary treatment if needed.

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