Name: Velas and Vista

Gender: Velas (M) and Vista (F)

Age: d.o.b: ~2010

Size: medium

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, neutered

Story, personality, temperament:
This is a tragic story that yet does not have a happy ending but maybe there will still be one. 4 dogs were living in the outskirts of Lisbon. Very scared, they did not approach anyone. They scavenged for food but there was never much. They looked terrible, skinny and sick.
An effort of many people finally resulted in their capture. Then they were brought to the shelter. They were put in a kennel and they were terrified. For one year noone could catch them. It is only with the patience of volunteers that they finally started to trust. They are still very shy dogs but they accept cuddles, they don´t hide and tremble when they see a human and they walk on the leash. They actually really seem to enjoy the walks outside of the shelter.

They have been in the shelter since April 2014. They were 4 to start with but two died since then.

They still need a special home: someone with understanding, patience and calm lifestyle. They can be adopted separately.

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