Name: Farrusco

    Gender: M

    Age: d-o-b ~beg 2012

    Size: small-medium (13kg, 40cm)

    Others: dewormed, vaccinated, castrated

    Story, personality, temperament:
    Farrusco was rescued from his “home” where he was mistreated by his owner. He was brought to the shelter. He quickly got an offer of a home but this offer did not stand when he gave positive to leishmaniasis.. He did the treatment, that was very early as he had no symptoms and he reacted well to the treatment. Now he only needs to take one pill of Alopurinol 100 per day. Not expensive and not really a big deal to take such medication. Some people also take medications all their lifetimes.
    He is scared of people. He has been badly treated in his earlier life… It takes him time to get used to. Once used to, he is very gentle with people but someone who would adopt him, would have to give him time to adapt and gain trust.
    He is good with all other dogs, quite playful actually.

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