For autumn this year we are preparing a big sterilisation project – two generous vets will devote their skills and time and we have to provide only medications and equipment. Fortunately the clinic in the shelter is equipped enough for this kind of operations but we still need to buy things like gloves, scalpels, sutures, needles, syringes, catheters, plastic collars for the dogs, bandages, compresses, etc. We also need to buy medications: mostly anesthetics for the operation (such as Zoletil and Rompun), pain killers and antibiotics after the operation (such as Amoxiciline, Synulox and Convenia). To give you an example, a bottle of Convenia costs 130€, a bottle of Zoletil 25€ (and we will need at least 10 bottles) and each plastic collar for a dog costs 2 – 10€ depending on the size.
The plan is to sterilise between 70 and 100 dogs and cats in the shelter which will allow us to keep our commitment of giving always a neutered animal for adoption.
Any donations, material or financial for this very important project ARE WELCOME AND MOST NEEDED.