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Name: Gipsy

Gender: Female

Age: d-o-b ~2009

Size: big (27kg, 55cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, sterilised

Story, personality, temperament:
A bunch of gypsies kept a dog that was supposed to serve to reproduce and they would then sell the puppies. Someone complained about the conditions that the dogs were kept in and the relavent municipal authority accompanied by the police went to inspect the place. They found that the conditions were awful indeed, the dogs were thin, undernourished and in extremely dirty environment. Think that the conditions must have been really life threatening because those authorities tend to close their eyes so the situation must be really bad so they would be obliged to do something.
So there was a female dog, we called her Gipsy, with 8 puppies. They were taken to the nearest municipal kennel and the rule is -as the puppies are easy to give for adoption they usually keep the female dog until the last puppy gets adopted and then they have her euthanised. This is what would have happened to Gipsy but the person that adopted the last puppy took also the mother with her. Not home though, she brought her to the private shelter. This happened in 2012. Gipsy was brought to us in 2012.
Years passed. She is still in the shelter…. She is lovely, gentle, super friendly with people and social with other dogs. Good on the leash. She is now an old dog. She never had a chance of having a loving home even if she has lots of love to give….

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