Adopted in February 2013!

Anita was abandoned in the municipal kennel together with Xaninha (probably sisters) by their owner. They would have been euthanised very quickly but they were taken from there by someone who brought them to the private shelter.
Anita has a handicap, she walks as if she was half sitting (see movies). This is something she was probably born with. Her kneecups are not in the right place, they are on the sides, both pointing to the outside, which makes her walk like as if she was sitting. She has had it for a long time which means that her muscles got atrofied and even if you operated the knees, the muscle is too short and she will not be able to walk prrperly anyway. So the vet does not advise any operation, this is something she has to live with. At presence she seems to be quite comfortable anyway, she has no pain, she can run, walk, sit. Apart from this she is a healthy dog and she does not have any problems.

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Anita and Xaninha:

Mimi, Anita, Xaninha and Miranda: