Dear friends, supporters and adoptants of our dogs and cats,

Here comes our current newsletter:


Enjoy reading it!

For a young group that we are, we have been very effective! Well, we are enthusiasts, we have started DOP to do things better 🙂 Just look: 11 dogs and 3 cats adopted last month, a day of “community service” for kids in the shelter, effective fundraising that resulted in acquisition of Advantix (spot-on against ticks and fleas) and then application of this product on all 400 dogs in the shelter, hosting of foreign volunteers, etc.

Note that the shelter that we support, Cantinho da Milu, is probably the only one in Portugal where all dogs have been tested against leshmaniose. Remember that a private shelter like this functions with donations. No public administration support. So the more you help us, the more we can do for abandoned dogs and cats.

Thank you for your support!