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Name: Lizzie

Gender: Female

Age: d-o-b: ~2009

Size: small

Others: dewormed, vaccinated, spayed

Story, personality, temperament:

Lolita, Lizzie, Luna and Avozinho (only Lizzie is alive now) came from a horrible place. In Loures, behind the big commercial centre, in a place that was not hidden from public view at all, there was a man who kept 80 dogs in small cages. He was reproducing some, selling the puppies but mostly he just kept them there without a reason. The dogs were packed tight in small cages, many in each and the only thing they were eating were the bones he was throwing to them. Or each other. As they were very hungry. The bones accummulated and they basically lived on top of the bones. They had no human contact and they were very scared. Some people made complaints to the municipality but the situation dragged for months if not years and the municipality turned blind eye. Finally an association Animais da Rua managed to get a TV channel to come and make a programme. Horrible pictures of dogs in cages on top of the heaps of bones on the TV made its effect, the officials from the municipality were there the same week and closed the place down and took all the dogs to the municipal kennel.
Then you would think that story finished well? No, the municipal kennel is like a well without the bottom. The dogs enter and never leave and many of them are euthanised there. Animais de Rua insisted that they should be allowed to enter the kennel and take pictures of the dogs to be able to find new homes for them. But they were not allowed to enter. After 3 weeks of public solidarity when hundreds of people were sending emails to the municipality and the municipal vet, they were finally allowed to enter.
The dogs were very traumatised. The conditions in the kennel were not good either, that did not help them. Many died. Many were very sick, had to be euthanised. The Association managed to have some adopted, those that were less traumatised and could still recover. Many others, shy and scared dogs, were welcomed by private shelters who know that they will spend the rest of their lives there but at least they live in good conditions. Shelter Cantinho da Milu has a few of the dogs from Loures. All very very scared. Now they are not as scared as they were at the beginning, they seem to be quite at ease in their “corrals” when noone is there but noone can touch them.
Only a really special and patient home for them… But until then at least they are safe where they are.
On the other hand, you can help us by fostering them.

Read more about the story of the dogs from Loures at the website of Animais da Rua (in Portuguese):

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