Kelly is very nice and social, lovely with people, cuddly, social with other dogs. She is young, around 2 years old, but very calm for her age. She is a cross of Portuguese breed, podengo – they are lovely family dogs.

Her story – read it but you will not believe that those things happen. Well, in Portugal they do.
She appeared on the street with a broken leg bandaged in home-made way, with a kitchen towel and with a plastic collar on her neck. She was very dirty. For a few days she was on the street and noone as paying attention to her. Finally some people with soft hurt started to make publicity for her, they thought that she had an owner who at least tried to treat her broken leg and maybe she got lost. Noone appeared. Finally someone took her to the vet. There they found out that the leg was broken for some time and she definitely did not go to the vet, someone simply fixed it in a “do-it-yourself” way, put it together and banded with a kitchen towel. Apart from there she had another fracture on this leg, that one a year old and healed but also not looking as if treated by a vet. The collar on her neck must have been there for very long time as with the heat and dirt it infected one of her ears. The ear was so decomposed that the end tip of it had to be amputated. The leg was treated but afterwards she was limping a lot so she went through a long period of rehabilitation and exercise.
Now she walks normally, you can hardly notice she ever had a problem with that leg. The ear was cut but it does not affect her quality of life, it does not hurt her, she does not know she only has half of the ear.
It was also discovered that Kelly had tick fever – that was treated and that she has leishmaniose. She has been treated for leishmaniose but now she will always have to take medication, Alpurinol. Alpurinol is not expensive and like this leishmaniose is controlled, Kelly can live happily and healthily for many years. People should not be afraid adopting a dog with leishmaniasis.

See pictures (some of them from the time when Kelly was found, careful: the images of her leg and ear are pretty strong):

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